How Does Shipping Work?

 All our items are processed within1-2 days, made-to-order and shipped 3-4 days after that, and will arrive to you once shipped within 3--5 business days. Your item will arrive between 4-7 business days. If an item does not arrive after 9 business days, please email us to check on your order status. You will get an updated email once you order is placed and shipped so you can keep track of your order. 

If you decide to pay for expedited shipping, you may get the item within the same time frame as standard shipping.

We cannot guarantee arrival dates, nor are we responsible for any delays. For the holiday season, we will post a shipping chart to make it easier for you to see when your items should be ordered to arrive on time. 

What is your return policy?

All sales are final. Each item is made-to-order, therefore we cannot take back an item if you change your mind. We provide a size chart and detailed description in all our items. So, please make sure you order the right sizes.

What if (on the very rare occasion) something arrives damage?

You must notify us by email within 7 days of item arrival. You will need to provide pictures and documentation of misprint/damage. 

What if I put in the wrong address?

If you notice you put in the wrong address, email us within 7 hours to update your address. If it's past the 7 hour window, we cannot change it. 

If the item was delivered to the address you incorrectly put on the order, the item may be returned to our shipping facility. If we receive it back, we will contact you to update your address. 

What if my item was lost or stolen?

If your package was delivered but you cannot find it, please make sure to check around your area and with neighbors first. Contact your local post office and wait for a reply to see where your package was delivered. If your package was stolen, we cannot provide a solution for you. 

If your package was lost and confirmed by the post office, we will verify your address and we will be happy to send you a replacement order within 7 days of your lost item's delivery date expectancy by the post office. 

We are not held responsible for lost or stolen items. Once an item is delivered to your address, we cannot be held responsible for a lost or stolen delivery.